CDMX, 2014

Mini is a 25sqm local at the corner of streets Marsella and Nápoles. We rented it in 2014 to open a bakery at first but our project evolved into a coffee/mini restaurant during the pandemic in 2020. Seven mini burgers were on the menu, each inspired by different countries. Egg n bacon (U.K.) Egg n Aguacate (Mexico), Grilled cheese (U.S.), Cerdo Tonkatsu (Japan), Res ginger (Thailand), Veggie kimchi (Korea) and Pollo teryaki (Japan). This new concept was developed to adapt to the needs of neighborhoods facing a growing demand of orders to go. With the idea of Picnic, lively & fresh design, take away.

Developed with Delphine Passot
and the team of the 123
Graphic Design : Adolfo Vega
Roma, CDMX, 2014 – sold in 2021