1mes 1artista

CDMX, 2014

Started in 2014, the project of 1Mes 1Artista features each month a different artist from or living in Mexico. It takes place in a cube of 3.6m and opens every first Sunday of the month for the following four weeks. The project has two main objectives: (i) open Art to a new public and (ii) put the spotlight on new artists with different backgrounds and increase their visibility. This concept enables artists to expose their artwork freely unburdened from any market constraints. With already over 80 successful exhibitions organized since the start, 1Mes 1Artisa offers a unique sample of Mexican contemporary art and fosters a sense of community.

Developed with Delphine Passot
Curator invited in 2018/2019 : Violeta Celis
Link to all the exhibitions here
Centro, CDMX, 2014 - 2021