La joya escondida

CDMX, 2021

Small Mexican apartment from the 1980s turned into a luxury hotel suite on Airbnb in the heart of the Mexican business district. We expanded the space and removed all separations between rooms. The plan has been designed around two longitudinal furnitures; the countertop/sink and the bathtube/closet/desk. All amenities have been expanded revealing an unusually large kitchen and bathroom for the space. Both connected by a single countertop separating the sink and a large bathube in marbles and tezontle. In turn, the bathroom is connected to the bedroom though a large opening through the bathtube. La joya escondida features two longitudinal elements, the bar /cupboard and the closet/desk which comprises the bathtub. The apartment is opened to the street by two large glass panels sliding to extend the living room into a large loggia and leads to a canopy bed with velvet curtains to provide a total privacy.

Developed with Chic by Accident
Collaborator : Simon Hermelin
Area : 65 sqm. Budget : 1,300,000 $MXN
Zona Rosa, CDMX, 2020