Action - photography, Mexico, 2007

A body holding a mirror, reflecting the landscape around it. Another mirror on the ground, perceiving space. A look at the world through a glass sphere ... Each action, either through the mirror or the glass object, becomes a source of ambiguity, making observation difficult. A special relationship between object, space, and viewer, created upon the illusory composition of the material. The carried mirror frames the opposite sidewalk, reconsidering and recomposing it. The one on the ground links two realities; it joins two textures: rough floors and facades similar to Apollonian towers, like ice marble. For an instant, the sphere concentrates rays of light and brings together disparate elements of the city in a circle of calm, pause, and content; a moment of clarity amidst complexity.

Print Giclée, 60 x 45 cm
Exposed in Salon Acme 2015, CDMX, Mexico