Action, Mexico, 2007

Try to imagine a system that feeds itself freely through different actions, not driven by a single idea. Not a set that only allows monoculture, but a structure that encourages multiple possibilities or behaviors. In the "montuno" of Latin American salsa, two choristers stand next to the singer, one on the right side and the other one on the left. They approach the microphone and sing a phrase, then take a step back at the same pace, shortly after they repeat the same phrase. These choristers determine a tempo, a structured interval with the singer in the center. The main singer is able to improvise and alter the song in total freedom. In New York, the grid is the city's urban identity. The grid becomes more evident as the blocks become more uneven. Identity is reinforced as entities express themselves independently. I am mentioning these examples to explain the logo with arrows I created in 2007. It represents opposing directions, it advocates for a multi-way system.