Installation, Muca Roma Mexico, 2010

In Greek mythology, Dionysus and Apollo had their own worshipers; at the theater of Delphes the actors on stage and the audience in the crowd answered and played the role. It was a Nietzschean concept: those who are watched and those who watch. Similarly, Mexican mariachis are surrounded by people while they stand in the center, seen and in constant interaction with the crowd around them. This installation illustrated duality; inseparability of the exterior (perfection, representation) with the interior (pulsions, viscera); the unavoidable schism that operates in human beings. Golden rectangle mirrors against dead branches, rubbish, and trash painted in gold. An imaginary balance.

Wood, mirror, garbage, gold paint, neon. 1.6 x 1.6 x 2.5 m
Exposed in Muca Roma , CDMX, Mexico, during the exhibition « Proyectos para desconstrucción » with Ricardo Alzati, Annibal Catalan, and Marilá Dardot. Curator : Luis Orozco y Gonzalo Ortega