Architecture Zero

Model, Image, Lausanne, 2005

Architecture zero is a term used for the reduction to the minimum, both ways: horizontally and vertically. This action produces a filigree structure which suggests rather than imposes. In architecture it is known as zero degree. It is an isotropic grid that seems uniform but it's not. It creates enough differences to suggest new life, evolution, diversity ... Architecture zero is autonomous detached from its program. This project was developed for my diploma at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne. I chose a school of architecture as my subject. The project consisted of repetitive stages where the students could work, eat, sleep, and start over. My hypothesis was that architecture school buildings designed by architects are not as appreciated as those designed for the same purpose.

Exposed in "Inventionning Architecture" an itinerant exhibition, California College of Arts, San Francisco; Logan Airport, Boston; Kulturforum Postdamer Platz, Berlin; American University of Sharjah, UAE; Urban exhibition, Shangaï; Vivocity, Singapour, ETHZ, Zurich