La Colmena

CDMX, 2021

When the director of local farmer’s market Campo Vivo , asked me to create the first organic hub in Mexico City in an old warehouse in the colonia Cuauhtemoc, I immediately accepted. The concept idea was obvious to me. We needed to connect together the ground, the floors and the sky together and in a natural environment filled with trees and with plants. Visitors must feel they are entering a new universe when entering the building. At the back products stored on shelves, then the packing station and in front the store and a coffee house. Above offices. The store is designed using recycled wood. The tiles and the rooftop are perforated with large circles to let the light and air circulate throughout the building

Collaboration: Simon Hermelin
Area : 600 sqm. Budget : 1,800,000 $MXN
Cuauhtemoc, Cdmx, 2020 - in construction